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Two Seven turns Two Six

August 7th means one thing, it’s Mike Trout’s Birthday.  He turns 26 years old today. To top it off he’s on the cusp on hitting his 1,000 career hit in tonight’s game.  It should be quite a party at the Big A.

Happy Birthday Mike Trout

Check out this sweet video MLB put togehter of where he’s at in baseball history.

1,000 Hits by 26


Mike Trout’s Birthday is on Monday, August 7th. He turns 26 years old.  There are two things to watch for as his birthday approaches.  The first is that he somehow always hits a home run on his birthday.  If you’re going to the game try to sit in the outfield seats, you might catch a birthday home run ball.

The second is that he is only 8 hits away from reaching the 1,000-Career-Hit plateau. He plays 5 games leading up to his birthday.  It’s possible that he reaches that significant mark on his birthday.  He just needs a couple of multi-hit games between now and then.

Rehab Game Interview

Mike Trout is playing his second rehab game for the IE 66ers tonight. Before the game he answered questions about how he’s feeling and how is game will change after experiencing the injury (spoiler alert: it won’t).

As you can tell his fans came out strong to see him. Continue reading Rehab Game Interview

First Time on the Disabled List

While stealing second base on Sunday, Mike Trout has a tear in the ucl tear of his left thumb. The injury will require Trout to go on the Disabled List for the first time in his career. Surgery is a possibility and he’s expected to miss anywhere from 4-8 weeks of playing time. Teammate Andrelton Simmons had a similar injury in 2016 and missed 5 weeks.

Walking Trout with the Bases Loaded

Terry Collins, the Mets manager, made some news last Sunday when he stated that he considered walking Mike Trout in the 9th inning with the bases loaded.  The Angels were down by three and Trout represented the winning run if he were able to swat a grand slam.  Instead, Addison Reed was able to limit Trout to a sacrifice fly and the Mets came away with a 7-5 victory. With Albert Pujols out of the lineup and the rest of the team struggling the idea was not without merit. This may be the ultimate sign of respect for Mike Trout as a hitter.

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150 Steals

Mike Trout stole his 150th career stolen base on May 14 against the Detroit Tigers. With that feat and and Alex Rodriguez became the only two players with 150 stolen bases and 175 home runs before their age 26 seasons. He is also the youngest player to record 150 steals and 150 home runs.

2017 Mike Trout Angel Stadium Giveaways

The Angels have released their list of promotional stadium giveaways for 2017.  The list includes several Mike Trout themed items including 4 Trout bobbleheads. Plus a set of Mike Trout socks and a Rookie of the Year blanket featuring Mike Trout and Tim Salmon.



Date Item Opponent
May 16, 2017 Trout MVP Season Bobblehead 1 of 3 White Sox
June 14, 2017 Rookie of the Year Blanket Yankees
July 18, 2017 Trout MVP Double Bobblehead Nationals
August 1, 2017 Trout #27 Socks Phillies
August 4, 2017 Trout MVP Season Bobblehead 2 of 3 Athletics
August 22, 2017 Trout MVP Season Bobblehead 3 of 3 Ranges

Touchdown Mike Trout

Mike Trout makes no mystery of his love for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Earlier this week he went hunting with quarterback Carson Wentz.  Then he sent some of his signature shoes to the entire team.

As payback for all the attention Zach Ertz gave Trout the game ball after a touchdown pass from Carson Wentz.  Trout is living out all kinds of fantasies for little boys across the country.