Complete List of Angel Stadium Bobbleheads

Mike Trout and complete set of Angels bobbleheads

The Angels have made bobbleheads a regular part of their stadium giveaway promotions in the last decade. This represents a list of the bobble heads that have been given away in that time. If you see any missing from the list, leave a comment.

2023 Shohei Ohtani 13 Strikeout
2023 Mike Trout Star Wars
2023 Trout/Ohtani City Connect
2023 Mike Trout Silver Slugger

2022 Shohei Ohtani Historic Season
2022 Ohtani MVP
2022 Ohtani-Wan Kenobi
2022 Mike Trout City Connect

2021 Mike Trout 3x MVP
2021 Shohei Ohtani Cycle
2021 Mike Trout 300 Home Runs

2019 Mike Trout Silver Slugger
2019 Shohei Ohtani Roookie of the Year
2019 Trout/Ducks

2018 Andrelton Simmons
2018 Albert Pujols 3,000 Hits
2018 Shohei Ohtani
2018 Vladimir Guerrero Hall of Fame
2018 Mike Scioscia

2017 Mike Trout MVP Season 1/3
2017 Mike Trout MVP Season 2/3
2017 Mike Trout MVP Season 3/3
2017 Albert Pujols 600 Home Runs
2017 Mike Trout Double MVP
2017 Nolan Ryan

2016 Albert Pujols & Mike Trout
2016 Mike Trout (season ticket holder giveaway)

2015 Matt Shoemaker
2015 Kole Calhoun
2015 Garret Richards

2014 Baby Rally Monkey
2014 Josh Hamilton
2014 Mike Trout
2014 Albert Pujols

2013 Mike Trout
2013 Mark Trumbo
2013 C.J. Wilson

2012 Albert Pujols
2012 Peter Bourjos
2012 Hula Girl

2011 Kendrys Morales (2 versions, right and left handed)
2011 Dan Haren
2011 Gnome Bobblehead

2010 Erick Aybar
2010 Snoopy
2010 Joe Saunders
2010 Hideki Matsui (mini)

2009 Ervin Santana
2009 Mike Napoli

2008 Mike Scioscia
2008 John Lackey
2008 Torii Hunter

2007 Tim Salmon
2007 Jered Weaver

2006 Vladimir Guerrero Silver Slugger
2006 Chone Figgins Sliding

2005 Darin Erstad Gold Glove
2005 Garrett Anderson

2003 Rally Monkey

2002 Bobby Grich
2002 Rod Carew
2002 Brian Downing

2001 Tim Salmon
2001 Garrett Anderson
2001 Darin Erstad (season ticket holder giveaway)

Complete set of Angels bobbleheads

7 thoughts on “Complete List of Angel Stadium Bobbleheads

  1. Where can I find the 2001 Darin Erstad that was given out to season ticket holders and a 2002 Bobby Grich bobbleheads at… Thanks

  2. Sth holder renewal gift ( by Oct 8th) was the mike trout mvp bobblehead. Just like the life size one at the stadium but bobblehead size

  3. Did the Angels ever make a World Series replica trophy after winning it in 2002? I am looking for a small replica and have not found one anywhere.

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