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Two Seven Turns 27

Mike Trout celebrated his twenty seventh birthday in a special way. Instead of setting up a private booth at a club or buying a new car he took time out of his schedule to visit kids at a local children’s hospital with a couple of his teammates. Here are some great videos and photos of Trout showing what kind of role model an athlete can be.

Anthony Rizzo’s Twin – Mike Trout?

Mike Trout and Anthony Rizzo look like twins

Watching post-season baseball it’s hard not to get caught off guard by how much Mike Trout and Anthony Rizzo resemble one another in a batting helmet. As the picture below shows, the resemblance fades once you see their full face and hair. But Rizzo in the batters box is causing Mike Trout fans to take a second look. Rizzo is two years older than Trout and definitely not his twin.

Mike Trout and Anthony Rizzo