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Trout’s Magic Slides

Mike Trout made a stronger case for his second MVP with two magic slides against the Blue Jays. The first came as he stole third base and he adeptly reached behind Josh Donaldson’s foot that was blocking the bag. This is not the first time Mike has made a slide like this.

The next was at home plate. Without replay no one would believe he was safe.

Trout’s Make up Catch for Weaver

After a miscommunication with Kole Calhoun over a fly ball, Mike Trout and the Angels dugout received a tongue lashing from Jered Weaver. The wake up call seemed to have put an extra-step into Mike Trout as he followed it up in the next inning with a spectacular diving catch.

You can see the botched catch here and listen to Weaver’s followup about it after the game here.

Here’s a video of the catch from MLB.

Making the 2015 All-Star Game Look Easy


Mike Trout once again proved to be playing a different level of baseball than even the game’s best and brightest. For the second year in a row Mike Trout is the MVP of the MLB All-Star Game. He accomplished the feat this year by hitting an opposite field home run to lead off the game against Zach Grienke, the National League Starter who hasn’t even been scored on in 4 games. He followed that up by getting on base two more times and being responsible in some format for 3 of the runs the American League scored. Continue reading Making the 2015 All-Star Game Look Easy

Mike Trout’s New Batting Gear

Mike Trout made a change in his batting gear tonight in Colorado.  After getting hit in the elbow three times in the last two weeks he put a protective elbow guard on his left arm after the first inning. Trout is often pitched high and inside as pitchers look for a common “hole” in his strike zone. He finds himself in the top ten of batters hit-by-pitch this year.

His new found confidence in the elbow guard immediately paid off with a laser strike home run into the left field seats of Coors Field. It was the fastest home run of his career with a hit rate of 117mph.