Picture of three Mike Trout Stadium signs

How to Make a Mike Trout Stadium Sign for Your Next Angels Game

Want to a make a larger stadium sign to cheer on Mike Trout at your next Angels game? Follow these instructions for directions on making a sign at home. You will need:

  • x-acto knife
  • scotch tape
  • double sided tape or a glue stick
  • spray mount
  • 32 x 40 foam core or cardboard
  • a safe cutting surface
  • a metal ruler

First choose your design. You can print these to tile with 8.5 x 11 paper, 11 x 17, or print on a larger format printer at 32 x 40. If you don’t have a large format printer it’s recommended to print out the design on 11 x 17 paper.

[table]Design | 8.5 x 11 | 11 x 17 | Full
| | 11 x 17 | 32 x 40

| 8.5 x 11 | 11 x 17 | 32 x 40

| 8.5 x 11 | 11 x 17 | 32 x 40

| 8.5 x 11 |11 x 17 | 40 x 20 [/table]

If you are using tiled print outs you need to trim the white edges off of the top row of prints.
cut off white margin on paper

Next you need to line up the overlapping pages and tape them together. You can do this with the help of a large sliding glass door or a glass table with a light underneath it.  Turn the pages over. MAKE SURE, the top row is closest to the glass.  Use scotch tape to join the two pieces of paper.

matching up design on two different pages

Now you need to join the front sides of the pages together. Fold the bottom sheet over making sure that the scotch tape stays in tact. Carefully place double sided tape along the edge of the top layer. Alternatively you can use a glue stick.

double sided tape on overlapped paper

Fold the pages back together and push the edges together to make sure the tape has stuck to both sides.

double sided tape on overlapped paper

Now repeat these steps to join all the sheets together.

paper overlap seams

Trim the excess edges away to make things easier for the next step.

x-acto knife cutting away excess paper

Use the spray mount and apply glue to the back side of the sign.  Then glue the sign on to your foam core.  After the sign is glued to the foam core cut along the gray line.  It’s easiest if you don’t try to cut all the way through the foam core in one cut.  It’s better to make 2-3 swipes at it.  Don’t rush!  The harder you push the more your fingers will hurt. You might try cutting from the back side when you’re almost finished.

x-acto knif cutting foam board

Take your sign to the stadium and have a great time at the game!

Picture of three Mike Trout Stadium signs


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