Mike Trout and the Catch of the Year

Mike Trout robs home run

Mike Trout made the catch of the year on Saturday night adding to his list of spectacular plays. The Mariners were leading the game 2-1 with two runners on base. Jesus Montero hit an apparent home run to center field and then Mike Trout happened. Trout climbed and reached behind the wall to miraculously catch the ball and secure the out.

After the catch even Mike seemed impressed with what he did. The crowd practically stopped the game to give him a well deserved standing ovation. If a home run would have been allowed it would have changed the complexion of the game, giving the Mariners a 4 run lead with King Felix pitching. Instead the game remained a one run game which the Angels were able to overcome with a dramatic walk-off home run by David Freese in the 9th inning.

You have to see the catch for yourself.

Many immediately made comparisons to a catch Gary Matthews Jr. made in Texas in 2006. What do you think, which catch was more impressive?

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