No Doubt. 2014 MVP, Mike Trout

2014 MVP Mike Trout

Mike Trout was unanimously voted the American League Most Valuable Player for 2014. The award is well deserved and comes on the heals of a string of other awards racked up by Mike Trout. In addition to the MVP Trout also is creating trophy space for his award as a the All Star Game MVP, the Angels Team MVP (as most by his teammates), the Silver Slugger, the Hank Aaron Award and The Most Outstanding Player (as voted by the MLB Players Association).

Trout fans have argued that the award should be Trout’s third consecutive achievement rather than his first; having the highest WAR (wins over replacement) for those three years. There are undoubtedly more MVP awards coming for Trout. Barry Bonds holds the record with 7 awards. Time will tell if Trout can match or surpass Bonds.

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