One thought on “2017 Photo Day Portraits

  1. Hello Mike Trout,
    hoping and wishing you read this! My name is Arlene and My daughter is one of your #1 fans. Tanya’s wish is to meet you in person, she’s always excited to attend the games and we sit in the trout farm hoping to catch one of your baseballs, also just to see you. Tanya is a wonderful girl full of live even though she’s had a hard life since a little girl separated from her parents and siblings until she came to me at 17years old, I’m not her mother but to me she’s everything and love her like my own. she’s been through foster homes and had a rough life, ever since she came to me all I want is to see her happy. Tanya has a huge heart always giving and caring about others, I just want to make her wish come true and have her meet you on her 21st birthday, yeah most girls at her age would want to go out and party but not my Tanya she’s different she’s not into the clubbing or party thing, her pass time is makeup, baseball and music. all she wants is a family party but her birthday wish is to meet you. if you can help me make this dream of hers come true you will also become my hero and will make my dream come true just by seeing that smile of hers light up the room. thank you for your time. I hope I hear back, I understand your busy and must have so many request like this but I just figured I would try.

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