2018 All-Star Recap

Mike Trout once again put on a show in the All Star Game.  This was Trout’s seventh straight appearance and the sixth time he was voted in as a starter.  Inexplicably, despite being the best player in the game, he only received the fourth most votes.

The FOX broadcast did a great job of highlighting Trout by creating a hilarious weather report and then micing him up in the second inning.

His interview in the field was fun and Mike did a great job of appearing relaxed in the game and in the interview.

In the game Trout once again showed himself to be a star among stars. In the first inning he drew a walk from Max Scherzer after an extend at bat. Then in the second at bat he gave the American League the lead by hitting a home run off of Jake deGrom.

Bryce Harper was on the mic for an on-the-field interview at the time and it prompted him to say “If you don’t recognize Mike Trout as the best player in the game, you’re not paying attention”.

Mike Trout now has a six game hitting streak in the All-Star game. Next year he’ll try to tie the record of seven. Here’s the leader board for All-Star hitting streaks:

Mickey Mantle: 7
Joe Morgan: 7
Dave Winfield: 7
Mike Trout: 6
Johnny Bench: 6
Nellie Fox: 6
Willie Mays: 6
Stan Musial: 6

Later in the game as rain started to fall on the field Ken Rosenthal found Trout in the dugout and asked him for an impromptu weather report. Trout’s prediction was that the rain would soon pass. It did and the clearer weather led to an increase in offense. The American League went on to win 8-5.

Check out this outfield selfie of Trout, Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts.

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