Making the 2015 All-Star Game Look Easy


Mike Trout once again proved to be playing a different level of baseball than even the game’s best and brightest. For the second year in a row Mike Trout is the MVP of the MLB All-Star Game. He accomplished the feat this year by hitting an opposite field home run to lead off the game against Zach Grienke, the National League Starter who hasn’t even been scored on in 4 games. He followed that up by getting on base two more times and being responsible in some format for 3 of the runs the American League scored.

After flying around the bases to score on a Prince Fielder single, Trout was pulled for a pinch runner in the 7th. The move was made to make playing time for Brock Holt who eventually scored.

In addition to being named the first back-to-back All Star MVP, Trout accomplished a strange statistical feat. He produced a single, a double, a triple and a home run in his first four All Star Games. Giving him something that might be known as a “Trout Cycle”.

In 2014 Mike Trout received a choice between a Corvette or a truck. He chose the Corvette in 2014. In 2015, he chose the truck over the Camaro.

Being a two-time All Star MVP puts him in some elite company.

After winning the game and being named MVP, Trout sent out this tweet to express his gratitude and respect for the game.

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