Mike and Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle nd MIke Trout

Many comparisons have been made between Mike Trout and Mickey Mantle. The stats in their first 4 years provide the story on their own. Those comparisons gained even more traction with high praise for Trout from Mantle’s son David. Bob Costas interviewed David Mantle on MLB Network about the two ball players.

Time will tell if the comparisons hold true throughout their careers. Trout will likely never match 12 American League Championships or 7 World Series rings because of greater parity within baseball. Mantle’s career was plagued by injuries in part because of poor field conditions and compounded by alcoholism. Trout’s ability to avoid those hurdles opens the door for him to have even greater individual accomplishments. The New York Yankees had planned to draft Trout with their first round pick, but lost out by one slot to the Los Angeles Angels. The image of Trout in pinstripes is probably more than New York fans would like to imagine.

There is always hope of seeing another Mickey Mantle take the field and it appears Mike Trout’s time has come. Perhaps Mike Trout wears #27 because he’s the second #7.

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