Mike Trout Owns New Skill in Modern Baseball

Mike Trout’s skills on the baseball field are well documented but that’s not all a player needs to be successful in today’s major leagues. Fan interaction specifically on social media is something players must engage in to grow their brand and find new fans.  The problem is that social media can get a player in trouble as well.

There’s no telling if Trout’s had some social media coaching or if he’s got great instincts but he plays it straight down the middle.  His social media posts are almost always about baseball and when he uses his platform to promote charities or promotional brands he doesn’t over do it.

Managing social media can be a lot of work, and there’s no reason a player should make it a full time job (or hire someone to run their social media for them). But Mike stays involved with regular posts throughout the season often commenting back to fans or forwarding on pictures of kids inspired by him.

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