Trout Weighs in on Replay

Mike Trout was willing to weigh in on the most recent replay controversy in Major League Baseball. On Sunday, Alec Bohm of the Philadelphia Philles slid into home plate but never touched it. After an extensive replay review he was determined to be safe. MLB has yet to produce an angle that shows Bohm touching the plate.

You can see the play here:

In response to the controversy Trout had two simples words: “So bad”

This follows a replay controversy in the Angels game the preceding night. Santiago Espinal of the Toronto Blue Jays went out of the base path and appeared to kick José Iglesias in what seemed to be an obvious case of obstruction. Replay overturned the out and determined that Iglesias had simply committed a throwing error.

Controversies like these leave many wondering “What’s the point of replay if it can’t get it right?”

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