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Making the 2015 All-Star Game Look Easy


Mike Trout once again proved to be playing a different level of baseball than even the game’s best and brightest. For the second year in a row Mike Trout is the MVP of the MLB All-Star Game. He accomplished the feat this year by hitting an opposite field home run to lead off the game against Zach Grienke, the National League Starter who hasn’t even been scored on in 4 games. He followed that up by getting on base two more times and being responsible in some format for 3 of the runs the American League scored. Continue reading Making the 2015 All-Star Game Look Easy

Mike Trout’s New Batting Gear

Mike Trout made a change in his batting gear tonight in Colorado.  After getting hit in the elbow three times in the last two weeks he put a protective elbow guard on his left arm after the first inning. Trout is often pitched high and inside as pitchers look for a common “hole” in his strike zone. He finds himself in the top ten of batters hit-by-pitch this year.

His new found confidence in the elbow guard immediately paid off with a laser strike home run into the left field seats of Coors Field. It was the fastest home run of his career with a hit rate of 117mph.

The Finger Wag

Mike Trout Angels Finger Wag

Angels finger wag halo shapeIn 2014 Angels players celebrated a base hit by making a pseudo halo over their heads. It appears this year their team bonding routine is centered around a finger wag. It could be that they are making a small halo with their index finger. What do you think? You can see video of David Freese flashing the sign in this video below.

Most Valuable Angels

The Angels tweeted out this photos of Mike Trout, Don Baylor, Vlad Guerrero and Albert Pujols, four Angels who have won the MVP award. Conspicuously absent from the photo was Josh Hamilton who is still rehabbing in Texas. Fred Lynn, Reggie Jackson, Rod Carew, and Mo Vaughn are other Angels who have won the MVP at some point in their career.

Did you notice the cigar in Guerrero’s left hand?

Here’s picture of the three players who’ve won MVP as Angels.

The Trout Net

Trout Net

We were surprised to see graphics created for this site being used on a fan made sign with the words “Trout Net” out in Right Field. The fans who created the sign got an honor today with a shout out on Mike Trout’s personal Facebook page.


I see you out there bud!!! Lol

Posted by Mike Trout on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mike Trout – 100 Career Home Runs

Mike Trout hits 100 home runs

Congrats to Mike Trout on hitting his 100th career home run. Mike hit the milestone on Friday April 17th, 2015 in Houston against Roberto Hernandez. To put his accomplishment in perspective, Mike is the youngest player in history to hit 100 home runs and have 100 stolen bases.  He beat out Alex Rodriquez to those combined milestones by almost 2 months. Before the season began I predicted he would reach this mark on this very day.

Then as if the milestone wasn’t enough, Mike added drama to the evening by hitting his 101st career home run to win the game. His second home run of the evening came against Chad Qualls. His second blast also gave him the distinction of being the youngest player to hit 101 home runs while stealing 101 stolen bases. Continue reading Mike Trout – 100 Career Home Runs

A Fifty-Inch Box Jump Is Easy for Me

Mike Trout says 50 inch box jumps are easy for him

In an interview with the LA Times about his off season work out regiment Mike Trout confessed “In fact, since a 50-inch box jump is easy for me, I’ll hold a 25-pound dumbbell in each hand to ramp it up.” That means Trout jumping on a box as high as his elbows is no problem for him. It’s so easy he has to hold 50 pounds of weights to make it difficult. Try jumping while holding 2 gallons of milk (16 lbs) and see how high you can get.

Here is video of Mike making a 60 inch box jump during an off season.