The Most Iconic Players – AL East

In our opinion here are the most historically iconic players for every team in the American League East.

Cal Ripken
Baltimore Orioles – Cal Ripken Jr.
No one played more consecutive games in a row and no one else probably ever will.  Credited with bringing baseball back after a player’s strike.

Eddie Gaedel(St. Louis Browns – Eddie Gaedel)
Eddie had one at bat, as a player with dwarfism and drew a walk.  It was a gimmick and that’s the saddest part about the St. Louis Browns before they moved, the only thing they are mentioned for is a gimmick with a little person.

Ted Williams
Boston Red Sox – Ted Williams
Teddy Ballgame is the last player to hit over .400. The Splendid Splitter might be the greatest all-around hitter in the history of the game.

Babe Ruth
New York Yankees – Babe Ruth
Still the most well-known baseball player of all time.  There are A LOT of Yankee players who would have been named on other teams but they can’t beat The Babe, the first sports superstar.

Evan Longoria
Tampa Bay Rays – Evan Longoria
Oh man, we feel bad about this but there’s not a long history here and even when the Rays are good they aren’t known to be centered around one great player. McGriff, Canseco, and Boggs played their best years elsewhere.

Joe Carter
Toronto Blue Jays – Joe Carter
A game winning home run in the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 7 of the World Series. That’s a dream scenario for every little kid but it really happened to Joe Carter.


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