The Most Iconic Players – NL East

In our opinion here are the most historically iconic players for every team in the National League East.

Hank Aaron
Atlanta Braves – Hank Aaron
Hammerin’ Hank – still the Home Run King in the hearts of many.

(Milwaukee Braves – Hank Aaron )
Consistent in both Milwaukee and Atlanta

Warren Spahn(Boston Braves – Warren Spahn)
“Spahn and Sain and then two days of rain.”  Brought with him the meager success the Boston Braves experienced.

Josh Beckett
Miami (Florida) Marlins – Josh Beckett
Not a long history here but the young pitcher delivered a World Series against the Yankees. Images of him being carried by his teammates are probably the strongest memory anyone has of the Marlins.

Dwight Gooden
New York Mets – Dwight Gooden
If they hadn’t traded away Tom Seaver Doc would not find his name here. But dominate pitching, a Cy Young and the ’86 World Series lock it up for him.

Mike Schmidt
Philadelphia Phillies – Mike Schmidt
“They even booed Mike Schmidt” is the knock on Philadelphia sports fans. If it seems impossible to boo him it must mean something.

Stephen Strasburg
Washington Nationals  – Stephen Strasburg
Okay this might be a little early, but his early promotion to the big leagues caught everyone’s attention and started a trend toward success in Washington.

Gary Carter(Montreal Expos – Gary Carter)
Hall of Famer who was able to earn the most All-Star votes one year while playing in Montreal.  So many great players emerged in the mid ’90s but Montreal couldn’t hold on to them.

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