The Most Iconic Players – AL West

In our opinion here are the most historically iconic players for every team in the American League West.

Craig Biggio

Houston Astros (Colt .45s)- Craig Biggio
Recently inducted into the Hall of Fame as the only player wearing an Astros uniform. Biggio was an All-Star at catcher and second base.

Rickey Henderson

Oakland Athletics – Rickey Henderson
Proudly pronounced himself as “the greatest off all time” after setting the all time steals record. Played for the A’s four different times for a total of 14 years. Dude was born to run.


Norm Siebern
(Norm Siebern – Kansas City A’s)
In this moment in A’s history the team was basically a farm club for the New York Yankees. All their best players were sold for cash. Siebern was a Yankee cast off that came over in a trade for Roger Maris but he was able to still be a productive player.

(Jimmie Foxx – Philadelphia A’s)
The most iconic person in A’s history is Connie Mack who managed the team for 50 years. But the most iconic player was Jimmie Foxx. “The Beast” hit for power and average and led the A’s to consecutive World Series despite playing in the same league as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig’s Yankees.

Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners – Ken Griffey Jr.
There was no success in Seattle until Griffey came along and led them to their first playoff appearance and win.

Nolan Ryan

Texas Rangers – Nolan Ryan
Ryan played his most productive years and for longer in Houston but he’s beloved as a Ranger. Mostly for setting the strikeout record and speed-bagging Robin Ventura in Texas.

Frank Howard(Washington Senators #2 – Frank Howard)
Washington was given an expansion franchise to replace the team that moved to Minneapolis. The team was largely terrible due to financial issues but they did have Frank Howard who won several home run titles.


Mike Trout

Los Angeles (California) Angels – Mike Trout
Tim Salmon earned the name “Mr. Angel” but in just three years Trout has more accomplishments than Salmon and almost any other player.  If it hasn’t happened already Trout’s name will soon be synonymous with “Angels Baseball”.

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