The Most Iconic Players – NL West

In our opinion here are the most historically iconic players for every team in the National League West.

Randy JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks – Randy Johnson
The Mullet alone should make him an icon in Arizona even if he didn’t deliver a World Series to an expansion club still in its early years.

Todd HeltonColorado Rockies – Todd Helton
His presence was as consistent as his hitting. Always a threat to win a batting title and he even made an appearance in the World Series.

Sandy KoufaxLos Angeles Dodgers – Sandy Koufax
He through 5 no hitters including a perfect game.  Hitters just didn’t think it was fair to play against him.  If today’s medical procedures had been available he would probably be considered the greatest pitcher of all time.

Jackie RobinsonBrooklyn Dodgers – Jackie Robinson
He broke the color barrier and changed the country. It would take a great man and great player to do it and Jackie lived up to everything he needed to be. Every team in the league has retired #42 in his honor.

Tony GwynnSan Diego Padres – Tony Gwynn
Born and raised, played and died in San Diego. There’s a statue out front of the stadium to honor “Mr. Padre” one of the most scientific hitters the league ever knew.

Barry BondsSan Francisco Giants – Barry Bonds
He was determined to be the best the league has ever known.  Founded the 500 HR/500 Stolen Base Club and when that wasn’t good enough for everyone he set out to break the single season HR record and the career HR record. . . by any means necessary.

Willie MaysNew York Giants – Willie Mays
One of the greatest the game has ever known just happened to be on one of the best teams during baseball’s golden era.  You get your named mentioned with Willie Mays in any context and it means something special.

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