The Most Iconic Players – AL Central

In our opinion here are the most historically iconic players for every team in the American League Central.
Joe Jackson

Chicago White Sox – Shoeless Joe Jackson
His name lives in infamy. Even though he was banned from baseball for a gambling scandal his incredible play and quirky nickname still catch people’s attention. It was some guy’s fantasy to make a movie where he comes back to play baseball in an Iowa cornfield.

Bob Feller
Cleveland Indians – Bob Feller
This Hall of Famer still leads the club in Wins and Strikeouts despite taking over 3 years off to fight a war.

Ty Cobb
Detroit Tigers – Ty Cobb
His anger and tenacity probably can’t be overstated. Dude was mean. But you can be all kinds of mean if you can rake like Ty Cobb.

George Brett
Kansas City Royals – George Brett
Hitting .400 is tough and Brett came close than any other player since Ted Williams last did it batting .390 in 1980.  He was able to win the Batting Championship in three different decades.

Kirby Puckett
Minnesota Twins – Kirby Puckett
This is a tough call with Rod Carew and Harmon Killebrew in the running but Puckett was the heart and soul of the team and the state when he was playing.  His career was cut short but was still a first ballot Hall of Fame inductee.

Walter Johnson(Washington Senators #1 – Walter Johnson)
A pitcher with a 20 year career and some of the highest WAR numbers in the history of the game.  He was one of the first players inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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