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Picture of three Mike Trout Stadium signs

How to Make a Mike Trout Stadium Sign for Your Next Angels Game

Want to a make a larger stadium sign to cheer on Mike Trout at your next Angels game? Follow these instructions for directions on making a sign at home. You will need:

  • x-acto knife
  • scotch tape
  • double sided tape or a glue stick
  • spray mount
  • 32 x 40 foam core or cardboard
  • a safe cutting surface
  • a metal ruler

First choose your design. You can print these to tile with 8.5 x 11 paper, 11 x 17, or print on a larger format printer at 32 x 40. If you don’t have a large format printer it’s recommended to print out the design on 11 x 17 paper. Continue reading How to Make a Mike Trout Stadium Sign for Your Next Angels Game

What to watch for from Mike Trout in 2017

After just five full seasons in the Major Leagues Mike Trout has shown himself to be on pace for a Hall of Fame Career. It could be that he reaches stat-benchmarks that put him as shoe-in for Cooperstown 3 years before he even has reached the ten years of playing time eligibility.  Trout is the only player to come in first or second in MVP voting in his first 5 years.  A respectable argument can be made that if you take away stats influenced by his teammates; Trout would could have won the MVP award all five years.  He has been the leader in WAR (Wins Above Replacement) in the American League for the past five years in a row. If he can accomplish the feat again this year he will be the first player since Babe Ruth (1926-1931) to do it six years in a row.

At 25 years of age, he has more hits that Pete Rose had at 25, more home runs than Barry Bonds had at 25, and more stolen bases than Rickey Henderson had a 25. Though it’s unlikely for him to beat any of their records (much less all three), Trout has proven himself to be an elite force in baseball.

In addition for seeking his third MVP award keep your eye for him to reach 1,000 hits sometime around mid-July. He should have 500 walks in mid-May. He’ll find 50 career WAR by the end of April (he’s ALREADY the Angels all-time leader).  He’ll reach the 200 doubles mark in August and if things go his way he could hit his 200th home run in the last few weeks of the season.

2017 Mike Trout Angel Stadium Giveaways

The Angels have released their list of promotional stadium giveaways for 2017.  The list includes several Mike Trout themed items including 4 Trout bobbleheads. Plus a set of Mike Trout socks and a Rookie of the Year blanket featuring Mike Trout and Tim Salmon.



May 16, 2017|Trout MVP Season Bobblehead 1 of 3|White Sox
June 14, 2017|Rookie of the Year Blanket|Yankees
July 18, 2017 |Trout MVP Double Bobblehead|Nationals
August 1, 2017|Trout #27 Socks|Phillies
August 4, 2017|Trout MVP Season Bobblehead 2 of 3|Athletics
August 22, 2017|Trout MVP Season Bobblehead 3 of 3|Ranges