The Most Iconic Players – NL Central

In our opinion here are the most historically iconic players for every team in the National League Central.

Pete Rose

Cincinnati Reds – Pete Rose
Charlie Hustle was the definition of grit and is the all-time hits leader. Unfortunately he gambled on his own team while he was a manager. He deserved his suspension but no one can dismiss his play.

Ernie Banks

Chicago Cubs – Ernie Banks
“Mr. Cub” was voted the greatest Cub of all time. He never made the postseason which only adds to his Cub mystique.

Robin Yount

Milwaukee Brewers – Robin Yount
He won MVP awards at two different positions and led the Brewers to their only World Series appearance. Plus that ‘stache.

Jim Bouton(Seattle Pilots – Jim Bouton)
They traded the aging relief pitcher away in midseason but if he hadn’t written an infamous book titled “Ball Four” about his time with the Pilots no one would remember them at all.

Roberto Clemente

Pittsburgh Pirates – Roberto Clemente
Led the Pirates to a World Series victory and won an MVP. Tragically died of a relief mission for earthquake victims and they broke the rules to immediately elect him to the Hall of Fame.

Stan Musial

St. Louis Cardinals – Stan Musial
THEY NAMED A BRIDGE AFTER HIM!  This might have been Albert Pujols if he finished off his career there. But it still would have a been a big fight.  Musial was so great even Pujols would have voted for him.

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